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Arboretum Trail was formed in a driveway in Brentwood, PA.

At the time, co-owner Ben Steffen was homebrewing by himself and called his vision something different. Fast forward four years and co-owner Dan Schultz came to help Ben with his homebrewing and talk about his vision of one day owning a brewery. The two men connected quickly with a similar dream and Arboretum Trail Brewing Company was born and started in Pleasant Hills, PA.

While Ben and Dan continued to balance life of owning a 3.5 bbl nano-brewery that operated out of Ben’s garage, full-time jobs, and family, an opportunity arose for them to move into what was their first goal, an all-in-one taproom, and production facility.

Arboretum Trail’s vision is to craft a quality liquid that everyone can enjoy. The taproom is not just one place, but wherever good beer and good people come together. That’s why you will see #everywhereisataproom become our motto everywhere we go.